We have stopped in this very attractive town which has re-invented itself since the coal mines were closed following their demise. The town is an example to any town/city that relied on one primary source of wealth/jobs and has had to have a complete change of direction, the result is a charming town rich in the arts and new commerce which has a vibrancy and charm of its own.

We are, to some extent, forced to wait to receive some ebay purchases which should arrive at the Capitanerie this weekend, but an absolutely pleasure to wait, in fact the stop is proving very beneficial.
I was on a bit of a mission before, constantly seeking a possibilty of a winter mooring, now we have found it there is no rush to go anywhere. We will leave sometime next week and meander down the Doubs stopping frequently and probably hitting Basal before turning around …first time I have been this relaxed in ages.

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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