Monday 8 October – St Leger- winter mooring

We now have the heavy rain, started yesterday and it continues with gusto today.  However, we did manage to get on with some big outside jobs last week while the sun shone brightly.  The most dramatic was the cleaning and painting of the roof, I used Hammerite paint for a change, very expensive paint but it did produce a superb finish.

It is strange but true that when you stop for the winter you look around and work out what you have used during the season and what you have not used since you stopped last year, and then you can have a good old clear out, good for the soul.  We have also found a new chimney, stainless steel and a meter high looks magnificent and works very well.  Sounds a bit silly thing to be excited about but a good working log fire is essential in the winter not just for warmth but for general well-being

One of my Blog followers criticised my use of too many sunrise and sunset photos, and to be fair, looking back on recent Blogs, they had a point; my only excuse is that the sunrises/sunsets have been spectacular lately.   So no more sunrises/sunsets for a while, but I would include this one of light on the water by the boat.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Driftwood

    Hi T & T, How you guys? Driftwood is back on her old hunting ground on the River Shannon now, and there’s a bed, beer and a dinner here for you any time you want to visit, take care.
    Harry & Marion

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