‘Mikki’s Place to stay’ (N37 07′ 44” and W8 19′ 23”)

We reluctantly moved on from Silves, not before spending a Motor-homers dinner at nearby restaurant, love that town.
We intended to move to a spot on the the west coast but friends Vic and Hils left before us and texted us to say that the intended meeting rendezvous was very disappointing and not to bother. So we cut our losses and finished up in a beach car park for the night. Splendid beach but no facilities and we need electric to survive longer than one night.

Vic and Hils dog Poppy, taking liberties occupying my chair whilst I was lolly gagging elsewhere.

We took some advice, at the beach, from a fellow Motor-homer who suggested a new Aire just 3 kilometers away in the country, that’s how we found ‘Mikki’s Place’ a sort of artists conclave in among the olive and orange trees.
The Indian who greets you on the way in
The reception bar area
A better view of the bar
and the splendid and spacious showers
We intended to stay for 1 or 2 nights but this place gets under your skin and massages calm into the muscles, so we will stay for the week and leave after my birthday next Tuesday. There was one problem their Wi-Fi signal was very poor and difficult to connect to, and we were going to cut short our stay and look for a place with better Wi-Fi. However, Mikki has only been open 6 weeks and it was one of the teething problems she was determined to sort out and sure enough within 24 hours she had changed her internet provider and upgraded her system to provide a strong signal which allowed me to publish this Blog.
Mikki who owns this place is also a famous (locally) potter and artist. Every Wednesday she runs a 3 hour pottery course, so being available I joined in and it was very enjoyable.
I even managed to make something vaguely artistic.
Its a good way of keeping clients on site as my pottery cannot be fired until next week.
Finally lots of splendid sunsets to see from ‘Me Van Oui’

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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