Message to followers

Having spoken to some of my followers I understand that it has been difficult if not impossible to leave any comments on the Blog.  This has left me wondering if anyone is actually following.

I have now altered the settings on the blog and hopefully it will now be possible to leave comments and I would be very grateful if all of you could do so.

We are now fully preparing to leave Gent and head for France via Wallonia, that is the French speaking bit of Belgium.  Tomorrow we will be giving the engine a bit of a shake out by going about 5 miles to fill up with fuel.  We have also purchased 4 jerri cans which we will also fill to give us a greater range when we get going.  There seems to be an issue of lack of places to get fuel in Belgium and France since the change of legislation regarding white and red diesel.

More photos during the week.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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