Merry Christmas

Its that time of year when everybody goes a bit whoo whoo.  Our dear friend in Montceau Jean-Luc is Father Christmas again this year, so we popped into his grotto to make sure he turned up on Christmas morning with all our presents…yea right!!

Anyway we are going to have a little party tomorrow night to celebrate the solstice and Jean-Luc and the girls  will drink a toast with us to the end of winter and those long dark nights and the return to the light.  I know it comes slowly but in my head it lifts the spirits and is well worth a good drink and some festive goodies.

To all those who cannot make the party we wish all of you a peaceful and relaxed Christmas and look forward to seeing most if not all of you next year.  MERRY CHRISTMAS

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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