Leers Nord – boat gathering.

The featured image shows Tes back at the desk doing her portrait artist work.  She has been on a break but now back at it with a vengeance.

We arrived at our favourite stop, Leers Nord,  in the rain and it has rained most days whilst we have been here. Luckily the European football has been running so good nights down the bar with passionate French and Belgium supporters.  England have gone out with a whimper, pathetic and embarrassing. Iceland, that tiny country with no professional football league showed more passion and skill then we could only dream of.  Never mind now I am honorary Belgium so we will enjoy the passion tonight.



There is a boat gathering at Roubaix this weekend and  whilst I was having an afternoon snooze eight boats arrived on the mooring on route to Roubaix.


They are staying here tonight to watch the football as most of them are Belgium, should be fun.

We are staying here for the weekend and joining in the football fun and games down the bar.


The bar packed with Belgium supporters enjoying the game, at first,


Tes was also supporting Belgium, notice the finger nails.SAM_6249

The sun finally set on Belgium dreams.

I have booked the lock for Monday morning albeit with a sore head after the French game on Sunday night. The plan, for what’s its worth, and knowing us probably will change, is to head back to the Somme if the weather improves sufficiently to navigate to the bay.

If it still looks dodgy we will head south using smaller canals wherever possible and new routes to explore different waterways.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Jean-Max and Catherine

    Hello Terry and Terry. Why dont you explore the canal du Midi? It is terribly sunny and warm here!
    We are In Trèbes, near Carcassonne. Jmax has a bit problem with his right knee. I hope things get better, first for him and second because we were to spend à wonderful Summer on the canal latéral à la Garonne
    Take good carte of yourselves

  • Val Poore

    Hi Terry 1 and 2! We’ve just got back to the Netherlands and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to look for your blog, but I’ll be following you now for sure 🙂 We’ve had a magical trip and got as far as the tunnel on the Canal de Saint Quentin before we had to turn back. from Douai on, the weather was lovely and it’s still great now. It was really lovely to meet you both and I hope we can stay in touch this way. Leers Nord was a special place for us too. We just loved the Canal de Roubaix!

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