Leers Nord and back to the Somme

It was time to leave the fabulous Maison du Canal at Leers Nord and wind our way back to the Somme where hopefully we will be able to complete the waterway to the sea this time.

However, before we left there was time to enjoy a final Sunday at Maison du Canal. It was moules and frites day and the semi final of the European Cup with France playing so it was a little bit lively in the bar.


Huge dish of Moules


followed by a rather large Ice Cream desert


and all washed down with some delicious Belgium beer served by, probably,  the best bar staff in the world.


We both got painted ready for the match which thankfully France won.

We finally left on Monday morning being a little fuzzy in the head department.


Leaving the peaceful Roubaix canal


and back with the big boys but the weather has improved dramatically.


Where’s Elvis?


The one way system through the beautiful town of Tournai.

and after a few overnight stops we are back on the Somme and stopped at Corbie for  the  weekend.


there is a  rather important football match on Sunday involving a french team and I have been invited to a French barbecue to watch the game on a make shift Fan Zone  in town on Sunday.  Hopefully I can find the way back to the boat afterwards.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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