Leaving the winter mooring and the first cruise of the season.

When you have been sitting in the same place for 6 months , however, lovely the place, you do get a touch of cabin fever, especially when the weather brightens up.


Leaving the mooring at la Chapelle.


First lock and as usual this time of year first job is to clear the muck built up over the winter.


Gladys guarding against possible pirates .

The plan, there’s that dreaded word again, was to go to Decize and cross the Loire to St Leger-des-Vignes, our old mooring and do some work on the boat before continuing up the Canal du Nivernais towards Paris and the Somme.  First plan of the season failed as we were not allowed to cross the Loire so continued up the Lateral onto Gannay.


avoiding navigational hazards on the way.

Finally got to Gannay after 3 days cruising and awoke on the first morning to a brilliant sunrise


I have a feeling in my water that it will be  a great season.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris and Betsey

    You are making us very, very jealous. Wish we were on the waterways with you. Instead we are just starting a major house renovation, once that is finished who know we may make it back to France!!
    Happy motoring and have a wonderful season. B&C

  • Adrian & Nuala Gallagher

    Hi Terry & Tes

    We envy you off on another years travels.

    Meanwhile we are back to work in Dublin and I am studying for exams!

    You might remember us we meet you in Meaux and had a great dinner with you in the “all you can eat” Chinese Restaurant

    Keep up the blog. We will keep following it.


    Adrian & Nuala Gallagher ( boat was E est la Vie- now sold and on its way to Le Havre with new owners)

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