Leaving Soissons

Yes after a week it was time to leave Soissons and head for Vic-SurAisne to meet up with family visitors.

Soissons was a good value mooring, and a deal can be struck for long term stays, we only paid 18 euros for a weeks stay which included water and electric, hot clean showers and toilets. We said goodbye to our long time stalkers on ‘Tasman’ who were eager to keep going back to the coast and a sail back to England.

One new friend disappears and another appears, we meet up with Bruce and Chris on Tortus a 28 meter dutch barge. Very good company for the few days we spent with them.

We have now arrived at Vic-suraisne and unfortunately the weather has deteriorated, much colder and very wet. I thought we might have to move yesterday as being on a river the levels rose fairly dramatically overnight, but have since dropped back so for now we are staying put.

First family members arrived on Friday on route to their holiday in Spain. A nice visit but I probably drank and eat too much…again.

Lizzie and the kids arrive tomorrow and it will be good to see them, and the bonus is they are arriving with more tea bags, mango chutney and lime pickle, love our curries but cannot get the pickles over here.

Next week when Lizzie and the kids depart we will set off on the long journey south, via Paris, the Seine river, and several canals back to Montceau

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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