Leaving La Charite

Finally leaving La Charite after a very pleasant two weeks.

It has taken that long to sort out a dry dock booking we could afford. We now have a booking for a week at the end of June, which allows us to continue following the Loire north to Moret and then complete the circle back down the Nirvanas to Decize. We have a plethora of guests planning to visit us during the next 2 months so we will have to duck and dive too avoid them. Only joking we are looking forward to meeting up with some old friends, some very old.

This route allows us to go slowly and make detailed visits to numerous historic towns and sites. The little village of La Chappelle where we have actually been moored during our stay at La Charite, and has a population of less than 400 persons still managed to celebrate commemoration of the ending of WW11 some 70 years ago. The event took place in the village salle de fetes (village hall).


Meeting up with Guy Toye , lovely chap and long time DBA champion,  at the expo.


All the exhibits are owned by one man who is one of those ‘collectors’, gently obsessed with his subject and keen to share his enthusiasm and knowledge.


This model was a bit scary and so real.   Just goes too show that a few enthusiasts can put on a very powerful  event.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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