Just to make you smile

A link received this week which made me smile, hope you smile too

Life is good here.  We are well settled and getting in some French lessons with the girls in the office.  Fortunately, it is not  just a one way street as the girls need to improve their English for their tourism qualifications, so half the time we have English sessions and the other half French, works well.
Planning for next summer is going well and without a definitive route  we will go as far north as Amsterdam and then back to Paris for a few weeks late September early October for the racing.  Then back to Montceau for another winter. All this goes up in the air if the Mayor gives the go ahead for the ‘Lavoir’ project as we will then stay put and work hard to get the project up and running…watch this space

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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