I’ve got a brand new Bow Thruster I’ll give you the key….

At last the Vetus bow thruster has been removed and replaced, and the best bit Vetus paid under the warrantee …..yippee.

Been in Meaux over three weeks and at times it has  been very frustrating.  Don’t get me wrong Meaux is a very nice place and it is a free mooring with water and electricity and being in the centre of town very convenient for shopping etc, but the last week in particular has been glorious and I have been itching to get going again.

During this prolonged stopover we have had a splendid visit from our very good friends Simon and Lou and a diverting visit to Paris, we even spent a night off the boat in a hotel in Paris so we could really enjoy our time with them.  It was very sad saying goodbye at the end of their visit as we all knew that we were unlikely to see them for a long time due to our travels and their upcoming domestic changes, however, the memories are there and they will sustain the friendship forever

We have also met some really nice people whilst we have been here, they have all come and gone  over the last three weeks but none will be missed as much as Ian and Sue, the Aussie mob who are now well south of us but hopefully we will  catch them up in the next two weeks and more recently Harry and Marion, a splendid Irish couple on the good ship Driftwood.  We had many a beer and glass of wine with them and our first barbeque of the season, they left this morning……Bon voyage Ian and Sue and Harry and Marion we will  meet up somewhere further south.

As my readers will know I have hopped from one Wi-Fi hotspot to another as I have been unsuccessful getting a decent internet service contract to date, however, all that is likely to change this coming week, we have now got a French bank account and I have a cheque book winging its way through the post from Burgundy.  I have been assured that it will arrive first thing Tuesday morning and at 0800 I shall be first in the queue to collect it and then hotfoot it to the local Orange shop to get my unlimited 3G internet contract and dongle. After that we can leave and head for Roanne via Paris to the west and then due south for a few hundred kilometres.

I will commit to keeping this Blog up to date on a daily or least every other day, no excuse when I have the internet service on board.  Also more photos on the web album page will be available as there is only so many photos you can take of Meaux!!

Watch this space……

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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  • Driftwood

    Hi T n T
    Have bookmarked your blog and we will keep a close eye on it! Hope you get your dongle sorted soon;-) There is a cream you can get!
    Miss you both, it’s a quiet river without you guys!

    Har & Mar

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