Its warmer in Perth ,WA !!

Just Skyped my lovely niece in Perth Australia, and she tells me that the weather is beautiful there and she has got hold of two tickets to the third ashes test match at the WACA, I used to love her …now not so sure.
The weather here continues to be cold and bleak much the same as the UK, we are booked to deliver Santa into the town centre on Saturday on the boat, but we might need an ice breaker to get to the pontoon.  It is good that the town have adopted us as quasi inhabitants, we feel accepted when the Major’s PA asks us if we could bring Father Christmas into town on our boat with horns blasting away,  and the children cheering… should be fun.  The towns folk have erected a Santa’s grotto at the end of the pontoon next to the tourist office…if I am very good I might get to sit on his knee!!
We are trying to get back to UK for at least a week in January cheapest way so far is Ryanair -Paris to Dublin, Harry and Marion have invited us to stay with them if we make it but in order to also visit our children and closest friends in UK it will take a lot of organisation to do it in an affordable manner.  I will get on to it this coming week.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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