It’s too darn hot

The summer solstice happened yesterday which for me is a sad day as it marks the start of longer nights and shorter days continuing until my next big happy day the winter solstice when the days start to get longer again, yep  I know I am  crazy but I need those markers in the year to keep the vision in sight, and I am sure I will have many happy days to come this summer

At the moment we are still in the middle of a heat wave and working up the field  has been difficult and challenging.

Keeping Gladys cool has been a priority so out  with her cool coat, which is not her favourite summer wear, but it works.

the work at the field has been concentrated on the growing area and in particular the poly tunnel, and working in the tunnel when the temperature gets well over 40 degrees is done in short  15 minute  bursts of activity.

a large and decorative visitor to the tunnel, unfortunately met its demise in the heat.

More wildlife encountered on the way home from the field

makes you slow down a bit, big boy with his ladies out for an evening stroll.

We have a gazebo arriving this week and I laid out the ground sheet in preparation but please note the cloudless sky and 36 degrees of heat. it is  supposed to get cooler from tomorrow so hopefully we can crack on and prepare to move up the field and live for most of the week in the camper.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda and Clive Bostock

    Such hard work in this heat, we feel for you. We are doing nothing in comparison and it’s still too hot! Clive canoeing or biking and I’m on the beach or in the sea. Vegetables will be fab though and make it all worth while. cheers.

  • Gamblin Catherine et jean-Max

    Encore une fois bravo !!! Nous arriverons bientôt sur le latéral à la Garonne ou les platanes sont moins malades. Nous pensons souvent à vous et vous remercions pour l’envoi régulier de votre blog.
    Catherine et Jean-max de la blanche Hermine.

  • sue and ian deany

    We are not coming to our boat until end August because of exactly what everyone is saying – Its too hot!!! Winter here in Perth has been glorious with sunny mild days. Even entertained outside last Sunday afternoon. However, the rain has come and 16 degree today.

      • sue and ian deany

        Thanks Terry we are looking forward to getting away and enjoying the boat. We have canal friends here who sold their boat and are thinking of sharing with us. They will have the boat for a month then meet us in Auxerre. We will winter there this year. Best wishes to you both and enjoy your plot of land. Must be quite nice to own and plan for its use.

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