It’s getting colder in Gent

We are in the grip of a cold snap in Gent.  I know it is cold in the UK but it is expected to get REALLY cold over here by Friday, the forecast is -3 during the day and -8 at night I suspect that the canal we are moored on will ice over by the weekend.  We should be happy as the temperature last year reached a shivering -16, ouch, they were skatting on our canal last year.

We are still cosy on the boat with the multi fuel stove on 24/7, it is very good and heats the boat well, we also have electric hook up so the electric banket can be turned on well ahead of bedtime, bliss.

Christmas is rapidy approaching and Gent is gloriously lit up and buzzing with people in the squares shopping and bars drinking the 100’s of beers brewed in Gent.  Before we leave I am going to give you my assesment of the best ones, I know its a tough job but I volunteer willingly.

Still no camera but one is arriving next week so hopefully some Gent Christmas shots will be uploaded.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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