Inverter fixed and on our way to Roanne

Hi family and friends
Well we have finished drifting around waiting for the inverter to come back from Holland and now have it back in the boat and working fine.
It was no hardship going back to Decize, a great little town with bags of history and a very kind feel, we stayed until friday 1st July, motored back to Ganny Friday afternoon and had the inverter put back in on Saturday morning and then moved to Beaulon on Saturday afternoon, a lovely little village see the latest photos on our photo web page

This morning we left  Beaulon and headed for Roanne, it will take at least three days and we have moored this evening in a small village called Pierrefitte sur Loire, charming place not much here though but it has a beautiful lake next to the canal and I took the opportunity for a swim, the Marie  have created a beach by the lake and lined part of the lake and poured tonnes of sand on the lining, the result a touch of St.Tropez

The weather has become hotter and hotter and is forecast to be in the 90’s next week, ah well more swimming and more drinking.  I was reminded of the thoughts of Jonny Buttts the other day.  Now John is my oldest friend by a long way,  we first met when I was 7 and I am 64 now so that is 57 years of friendship.  We don’t see enough of each other anymore but we keep in touch and he gets my updates, and someday soon he and Jenny might summon up the energy to make the trip out to see us.  anyway  I ramble on, the reason for thinking about John in this very hot weather and his advice when I first ventured abroad with him some 46 years ago, we traveled to Spain in his mums mini traveler, the one with the wooden trim and side sliding windows.

John had been to Spain before but it was my first trip there or anyhwere that hot so we looked to John to give some advice… his advice was ‘because of the heat if you don’t drink a beer every half hour during the day you will surely die’…you know he was right!!  we drank beer every half hour and we didin’t die!!!

And now any seriously hot weather is known as Jonny Butts and  time for a beer….works..try it.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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