In the Dry Dock

We arrived back in St leger  a few days before we were booked into the dry dock and managed to get the roof painted and the solar panels realigned.  So far so good.

On a bright sunny Monday morning we entered the dry dock, very slowly.  Several VNF personal were in attendance to help position the boat accurately and we  gently settled onto the concrete plinths.

Sid arrived with the supper dooper  jet wash and within a couple of hours we blasted the bottom and cleaned off the algae and river life attached.


As you can see we were still draining the dry dock,  whilst jet washing.


The following day Mark arrived with the spray machine, dressed up in his large baby grow, he looks good.  Luckily the dock was well dry by then and the first coat was applied in a timely fashion.


Renaissance looking good and waiting for her second coat tomorrow.  The weather is set fair so completing all the work by the weekend looks probable

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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