Heading for Leers Nord, Belgium

Decision made, we turn around tomorrow and head back up the Somme to  the Canal du Nord , then to Lille and the Roubaix canal to our favorite stop at Leers Nord.

We have had a very good stop at Ailly-sur-Somme. everything here you need, good shops, restaurant, bars and excellent bakery and  great walks for the Gladys.  Enough of a good thing as its still raining and the stoppage is  still in operation at Pont Remy and will  probably stay in place for some time due to  the continuing downpours.


A great meal in a good restaurant in Ailly-sur-Somme


Unfortunately,  could not decide between the desserts so the waitress took on my dilemma  and brought two!  Shame.


Discussing the state of the Somme with the local lock keeper


This British couple came past the boat, they told us they are rowing to Sete in the south of France in two months,  good luck to this  innocent pair.

Finally bit the bullet and signed up to a contract with french telecom for a data dongle so I can access the internet wherever we are, rather than hunting around for a MacDonald’s for free WI-FI.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda and Clive

    We’re in Baska, KRK, Croatia. Been here for a month and had fabulous weather. Heading to the Vercors region next week and the grande Massif needs climbing by Clive and his brother. You’re enjoying your food despite the rain. Are those desserts on the health kick menu?? Hope you find good weather soon.

  • Freda and Clive

    Good luck finding the sunshine. Love the desserts are they on your health kick menu? We’re travelling next stop the Vecors Massif. Dongle or in France Domino – HELP!!

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