Hare 1 Gladys 0 and a new poly-tunnel.

Gladys has had  another trip to the vets last week.  Since her last encounter with a truck we have been more careful letting off the lead but we now have the field and she is free to wander its large spaces.  Interestingly she has become more of a home dog lately getting older now and happy to be with us while we are working. However last week we had a visit from a local hare into the filed and Gladys got the smell and  was off like a young greyhound.  The hare apparently went through the fence at speed at the  far side of the field but Gladys did not get through and managed to damage the muscles in her leg and shoulder. She was obviously in severe pain so off to vets we went and we seen very quickly.  After 10 x-rays!! no broken bones found and a diagnosis of muscle tear and pain killers and anti inflammatory administered and ordered  to rest for 10 days.  Its been 5 days now and the swelling has gone  down and she is back to normal but still going to rest for another 5 days .

Gladys resting in a made up couch in a raised bed.

Meanwhile, we have erected a  new poly-tunnel. Lots of digging and sweating in this humid weather but  also very satisfying.

starting with erecting the frame, the ground already been prepared by covering the space with tarps.

Then digging out  the top soil and putting the good stuff in prepared raised beds

After finishing the dig out with help from Gladys! it was time to cover the surface with ground membrane and temporary traps.

before finally  fitting the cover

and securing to the frame

Its weird doing this and changing our life style so completely, from chugging along in the boat along the waterways of France and Belgium to aiming to  develop a piece of France and to change our tiny bit  of the world a  little tad.  It is a strange feeling at times but we have a big smile on my face most days.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris & Betsey Bomford

    Poor Gladys, hope she has complete recovery. I suspect though, if M. or Madam Hare returns, Gladys will be off after them helter skelter. Perhaps one of those electrical perimeter fences and collars would give her an incentive not to chase?

    I like your tunnel, are you using it as a greenhouse? If so what will you be growing in them?

    Alas I fear with all your hard work and development your doing on your property, your cruising days are gone for the present future. Another chapter closed and a new one started.

    Cheers, Chris & Betsey

    • Terry Barrett

      I think she may and electric fencing is an option.
      We still have the boat and live on it after we finish work at the field, we never plan anymore so we have to see what happens.
      we are growing all sorts of veg in the 1st poly-tunnel and we needed more growing and overwintering space. Thank you for your interest and we hope all well with you two.x

  • Bernadette Van der wiele

    Sorry to hear that Gladys has again been in the wars T2. What is it about ‘teaching dogs’ + ‘new tricks’ doesn’t she understand? Great photographs of Terry doing all the work! All the garden is looking fantastic and hopefully you will have sunshine and gentle rain to water your vegies and fruit trees.
    Bernadette and Henk

  • sue and ian deany

    I imagine a great sense of satisfaction plus some hard work makes one feel great, although tired at times.! The proof will be in the tasting!

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