Happy Solstice

My favorite time of the year for the very reason is that it heralds the start of Spring.  A little  fanciful perhaps but I need the prospect of spring to raise the spirits and the sad feelings created by the dark days of winter.  So warm up some wine and spices   and toast the start of the lighter days.

‘in the midst of winter I found that there was within me, an invincible summer’  Albert Camus.

The good news is that we have bought a piece of France.   Just a  field at the moment but permission being sought to allow us to live on it permanently, the Mayor is very friendly and very pleased we want to settle in his village.

Sunset at the field

The long term prospect is for a motor home halt and campsite, but nothing will happen for awhile as we need to get basic facilities onto the site and produce a plan for the mayor.

In the meantime have a very merry time this festive period and fingers crossed that 2017 will be a little less disturbing than 2016.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris & Betsey

    Wow!!! That is a big change in course. Is the field canal side or are you going to put Renaissance up on blocks on the property and live in her until you get the property developed? 🙂 I am guessing that the big house in the background isn’t part of the property you bought. 🙁

    Sounds like a big project to undertake that will keep you busy (and fit) as you move forward with the development.

    Joyeux Noël et meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année à venir.

    C & B

    • Terry Barrett

      No the house in the background is not part of our land. and no the land is bit away from the canal so will eventually have to make a decision on the future of Renaissance if and when we get permission to live on the land.

  • sue and ian deany

    Good luck on your new project! Sounds very interesting.

    Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. 35 degrees here on Christmas day. Inside with the airconditioning on!

  • Fernando Serra

    What a lovely view!!!!! well my friends that is a new adventure!!! hope to see you sometime soon so you can tell me all about it over a nice glass of wine (or two!) in the meantime have a lovely Christmas!!!!
    Fernando x

  • Gamblin Catherine et jean-Max

    Quel changement de cap !!!, bravo, c’est courageux. Nous vous souhaitons un plein succès dans la réalisation de ce projet et surtout que la collaboration avec les autorités locales soit harmonieuse et efficace.
    C’est toujours avec plaisir que nous lisons votre “blog” et nous vous remercions de continuer à nous compter au nombre de vos correspondants.
    Nous avons aussi un projet “après bateau” et nous vous en ferons part prochainement.
    “LA BLANCHE HERMINE “est à vendre !
    Bonne et heureuse année à vous deux et à Gladys bien entendu.
    Very friendly Catherine et J-Max

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