Halfway achieved; 3 1/2 stone down and 3 1/2 stone to go.

Yes a nice milestone but only halfway there, so head down and no big blow out just yet.  In fact this eating regime does not lead to great desire to stuff oneself silly, quite the opposite, it is very rare that we feel hungry on the Keto regime.  All I can report is that it has worked for me…so far.

The weather has picked up a  lot lately and we are spending more and more time at the field, making progress each time.  Lots to do still and my guess is that there will always be lots to do.  The key for me is to pick one project and complete it, this gives me a feeling of satisfaction that sets up the energy for the next project, and so it goes on.   This week has been the setting up of the new poly tunnel.

The framing is always the most tricky and  getting that up and level makes the rest so much easier.

Taking a breather before  digging  the trench and burying the poly tunnel skirt to prevent losing this one in the  wind.

complete, level and secure.

Now for the inside , building a big work bench from  pallets , very Eco.   And the shorts are on and hopefully staying  on until October.





This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris & Betsey

    Hi Terry,
    Looking good, both the greenhouse and the builder. Congrats on the weight loss, hopefully the next 3.5 stone come off smoothly.

    We are jealous with the weather you are getting, although we are warmer than the land east of the Rockies which is still getting snow, we are having unseasonably cool wet spring. I suspect though, in a couple of months, the hot weather will be upon us and we will be complaining about too much heat.

    Keep up the good work, give Terry and Gladys a hug for us.

    Cheers, Chris & Betsey

  • Val Poore

    Great to see how things are coming on! I suppose youa re still on the boat? Do you think you’ll miss it when you sell? I cannot imagine life off the water, but I suppose it will come eventually.

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