Goodbye Gent nice knowing you

It was my birthday this week and  I even got a cake made for me.  
It’s been a busy week finalising preparations before leaving our winter moorting.  
Yesterday we left early and made our way to Gent Boat services to fill up with fuel.  I had contacted the owner prior to the visit and he spoke good english and was prepared for us
when we got there.  A comical touch was the two other lads on the shore offering to help with the ropes as we pulled up shouted out ‘its the cockney, hold on to your purse’ apparently they were there when I phoned as they keep their boat at the yard and overheard my accent  and they insisted on being around when I turned up.  They were ‘janners’ from Plymouth, nice lads nice banter.

After we filled up we left to return on a very busy commercial waterway and a word of caution, it is always wise to keep a look out behind as well as in front.  I was motoring back at a leisurly pace when I was suddenly aware of a large black shape on my left. I spun round to see an enormous ship only 3 yards from my left hand side overtaking me at speed, I nealy did a little wee in my pants.  A few sharpe intakes of breath and we continued back to our mooring to fill up with water before seetting off

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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