Good times again.

The boat is running fine, still not sorted the camper-van but it is in the throws, with my friend and local French mechanic Dominic who has taking charge of the situation, and I am confident that we will soon have the van repaired and back on the road.

So on with the summer cruising. We left Fragnes and headed down the canal du centre to Digoin.


The lovely little unpretentious church at Fragnes.

On the way down the Centre we stopped off at Montceau where we spent two happy winters.  Fortunately, Isabel and Catherine turned up to celebrate our arrival, I may have exaggerated a bit…  well Isabel was there working and we phoned Catherine who turned up for the reunion.


After a great visit we continued on through to Gannay.


After many continuous days of very hot weather the skies suddenly darkened ahead of an oncoming storm , a quick putting on of covers was required.


We joined the Lateral and headed for Gannay to meet up again with Mark and Celia where we spent a delightful few days.


Mark and I prepared and cooked a paella , we were cruelly nicknamed the Fairy Hikers by the onlooking females.



You rarely see unusual craft on the waterways but this had everyone reaching for the camera.  You guessed a bunch of fun loving youngsters had constructed a fully operational electric boat ..good luck to them.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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