Gladys 0 , truck 1

Gladys enjoys her walks, but she prefers a run out off the lead.  Teresa never lets her off the lead because Gladys does not respond to being asked to return!   I have  always taken the view that the risks are manageable and up  to last Sunday no harm had come to Gladys.  However, on a Sunday morning walk along a  tow path with little or no  traffic about she took off and doubled back towards the boat.  Surprising turn of events but no drama as she crosses the bridge on the pavement but again this day was different and she dashed across the road and picked a  fight with a speeding 2.5  ton truck.  Unsurprisingly she lost and was struck a passing blow to her head and  knocked out.

I got to her quite quickly as she lay flat out in the middle of the road, but the truck had not stopped and I did not want to move her in case she had some serious damage. after a  minute or two she woke up and stood up. and I was able  to walk her back to the car.  She was obviously in distress a hole in her head and blood from her mouth.  From then on the good news kicked in, we found a vet in town who was able to attend his surgery on a Sunday and I drove Gladys in to meet up with him.   He was brilliant and turned up in his working overalls and explained he was plastering a  wall when I called!

He cleaned the wounds shaved her head around the damage stapled the holes shut and used lots of iodine and silver synthetic skin over the wound and injected with pain killer and antibiotics.   He gave me 10 days worth antibiotics and pain killer injections.  and asked me to return in 10 days time to remove the stitches.

The good news is that she is 99% back to her normal self, eating drinking and sleeping well.  The history of Gladys is that she had a poor start  in life having been abandoned  as a pup and left to fend for herself on the streets for months before being picked up and housed at a dog refuge, before we found her 6 years ago ,  despite her spending nearly all her life with us she still has a bit of street dog in her and will always have that rebel side that takes off for the smell of any sort of food.  She is a great dog ,  lovable kind and gentle with anybody and any other dog , but I doubt if this experience will change her so we have to be even more careful with her from now on.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Andy Wills

    What a relief she’s ok. Could happen to any of us Terry. Nasty shock for you both though. Good luck with the new venture Andy.Chris&Martha

  • Jac and Chris

    Oh noooo!! Poor Gladys! Must have been really scary for you Terry. Was the truck driver not aware he had hit her then, and aren’t they supposed to stop like they should in the UK? Glad to hear she is on the mend, one lucky dog ? xxx

  • Jean-Max and Catherine

    Poor Gladys and poor if you! What a shock! On the picture she is like a poor little thing but she is strong and resistant. In a fortnight she will be back up. Regarding the lorry driver, he is a bad, cruel, inconsequent person. Of course, he was supposed to stop and come and see what happened. This ought to be the human being attitude wherever he would be, in UK (as mentionned in a comment) or anywherelse in the world.
    We shall take news of you 3 in s few days. Bonne chance !

    • Terry Barrett

      Thanks you 2, as I said earlier I do not have any feelings for the truck driver he has to live with what he did. Gladys is bouncing back to her best so all well after a dramatic day on Sunday.

  • Kath Bailey

    Glad she is ok and that she will make a full recovery…..BUT …. In the drivers defence. He has enough on his mind . He may have been scared . He could have swerved and done a lot more damage . Judge ye not lesst ye yourself be judged…….. irresponsible dog owner …. if Gladys had been killed who’s fault would it have been. Oska is rubbish at recall so he is walked . Only allowed off lead in an enclosed space were traffic is not allowed.
    That aside give her a hug x x

  • Jo

    Sadly many peoples attitude towards dogs is not like yours and mine. What a pillock not stopping to try and help, unless, by the slimmest chance, he was unaware.
    Anyhow, very pleased she’s on the mend and give Glad a hug from the 3 of us.
    x Jo, Jan and Tache.

  • Chris

    Ouch!!! Poor Gladys. Great to hear she will be alright. I seem to remember her demonstrating her independence on the Somme giving you a nice walk around the campsite in hot pursuit. 🙂 Best wished for a speedy and total recovery. C & B

  • Freda and Clive Bostock

    Poor old Gladys, so pleased to hear she’s on the mend, but guess she will still run off at the drop of a hat if she smells something good in the air. Bet your better half didn’t half tell you off for not having Gladys on the lead! Cheers to you both.

  • Lorna

    Oh No! So pleased Gladys is doing well, she must be beside herself for giving her two pet humans such a fright! Toffee sends his love to you all in the form of a huge lick upside the face and a four paw cuddle. As his pet human I just offer up my heartfelt sympathy to you for having the misery of going through such a trauma.

  • Val Poore

    For some reason, although you blog is on my list, I don’t get the updates, so I didn’t see this. Poor Gladys!! I am so glad she wasn’t more badly hurt, and I’m thrilled to hear she has mended, bless her. Hugs to you all! Val

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