Getting back to the dry dock

We have been drifting slowly back to the home port of St Leger to prepare for entry into the dry dock next week.


Crossing the Loire on a beautiful day near Nevers.

Its been a very relaxing journey, lots of wildlife, good weather and we met up with old friends and even managed to break the vegan regime for a Sunday lunch time spurge at a very nice restaurant out in the country.


Snails in garlic  and butter to start


No meat but a wonderful fish dish as the main  course.


and a totally decadent trio of deserts to finish…no cheese though!!

We were led astray by Celia and Mark as I fully intended  to order a salad!!  Too  weak.

C&M’s dog Hal joined us for the afternoon and took liberties by occupying  Gladys bed.


Back on the vegan food regime this week and despite the one off blow out still losing the weight and feeling good

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Jo May

    Love that stretch alongside the Loire. We’re in Oldham!
    I am also a part-time vegan – had a bag of cheese and onion for lunch!

    Love to both


  • Betsey and Chris Bomford

    Look delicious, a one off on your diet is a treat you probably deserve.
    We are in Kerkdriel on the Maas and enjoying the differences between Holland and France. The jury is still out, haven’t decided whether we enjoy one country better then the other. We certainly miss all the worldly travelers we usually meet in France; the Dutch are more into their boats and going home at “night”. But, everything works in Holland! From the motley crew of the Maggie May

  • Freda and Clive Bostock

    Good to hear from you again and to know you are feeling good on the vegan diet, we were wondering how you would keep it up. One Sunday lunch must surely have been deserved and enjoyed. We are in the Pyrenees National Park in a little village called Sazos near St Savieur. Yesterday we scootered a fair way then walked 4K to see the Cirque Gavarnie, WOW what a sight, very spectacular. Google and have a squint. Hope time in dry dock goes as planned. Next Motorhome coming soon? Cheers from us.

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