Frozen in and completing on the land

Yes folks its been very cold in mid France and the boat is firmly iced into the shore.. We did remain warm and cosy thanks to our reliable log burner,  praise the Hygge.

If I had some ice skates I could have got to the shops a bit quicker!  Sunrise over the ice.

We have today moved off the boat for a few weeks as good old VNF have decided to drain the canal for some extensive works in February and March this year.  Normally we stay on the boat through the winter with no problems but the draining means that getting us and Gladys on and off the boat would have been difficult and risky.  Fortunately,  our friends and neighbours have a cottage opposite the boat and have generously allowed us to use it whilst the VNF works are going on.

The other news is that we have now completed on our bit of land near Decize, which has allowed us to finally move the our dead motor-home from our mechanics place to the field.

Next job is to create  a proper gateway and parking area into the field.   I have a chap coming tomorrow who has lots of big toys to dig out and put a firm surface down well into the field.  Apart from the engine being a disaster the rest of the motor home works fine so when we have a firm surface to pitch her on we can then connect up the solar panels and gas so come the spring we can spend extended periods up the field.

By the way we need a name for the field, cannot keep calling it ‘the field’ any suggestions gratefully received.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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