Friday 26 October – St Leger- winter mooring

The Blog entries may now get further apart as we are not moving about and there is perhaps less going on, or so I thought….

Mostly we have been preparing the boat for winter, doing outside jobs while the weather remains good, and ordering Logs and Coal.  This is a very good mooring for supplies as there is a coal merchant just up the road and a wood yard nearby that delivers logs direct to the boat at a very good price, and a Lidl, Carrefour and Leclerc within a few minutes’ walk.  The mooring despite being close to all the shops and services is remarkably quiet and peaceful.

We have the car here so we are able to go out and about and we plan to visit the numerous places of interest within an hour from the mooring.  Last week we went to Moulins, a medieval town with a classy feel, a splendid cathedral and many bars and restaurants.

There was a Beer Festival in Town two weekends ago and for research reasons I decided to give it a go with Andy off Mary Rose.  The concept was interesting you bought and empty glass for 4.5 euros and then you visited any beer stall you liked and tasted their beer for free. The beer on offer was full of interest and specialist some was not to my taste, nougat beer got the thumbs down but all the rest were worth a second or third visit.

The aftermath of the beer festival

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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