Friday 25 January – Getting fit and healthy

We have been back on the boat  for a few weeks now and like UK we have been through a period of low temperatures with plenty of snow and ice and we were getting through our large collection of logs quite quickly.  With the log burner being fired up early morning and gets continually fed throughout the day and evening, but it does make the boat very welcoming.

Today sees a rise in temperature and clear skies after a  continuous grey blanket of clouds, and as a bonus a superb sunset, just for Marco.
The baby swans have been set free by their parents and now have to make their own way to adulthood, but they will be fine as they are excellent  at getting us to toss various edibles out the hatch 
Gladys is also very good at getting her needs met and can look down her nose if we don’t immediately respond!

Only 10 weeks to Easter and the start of this year’s adventure.  I keep looking at charts and figuring out a decent route but no doubt that will change several times  before we finally leave. The plan at the moment is to head north; Paris,and then the canal du Somme, and then a look around for a possible winter mooring near Belgium and the channel, but as I have said we will see what the spring and summer bring and we do aim to travel very gently this year

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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