We stayed at Fragnes for the extended weekend .  We are waiting for a parcel which hopefully will arrive today and then we can continue towards Auxonne where hopefully we can meet up with a few old friends.



Giving the wonderful Celine a big hug, not sure she was that keen.  She has been the Captain at the Halte for 8 years now so is very well known on the whole waterway network, but we are her favourites!!

Teresa is getting on with her pastel drawings and managed to do one of Celine which we presented to her before she left for some time off.


The weather continues to be glorious , it  has gone on for so long now that people are staring to complain, bet they will not be complaining in November.


we hit 40 degrees a few days ago so necessary to create some shade for Gladys


I wish someone would look after me this well.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Jill gadman

    We arrived at St Jean steps today and are rafted up to friends on a narrowboat as its full here! Maybe we’ll see you before we leave at the weekend?

  • sue and ian deany

    Teresa I did not know you were such a good artist! You could make some money on the canals doing commissions. We are on our new old boat in Aalsmeer Holland. Just waiting for a gas detector to arrive then hopefully off exploring by Sunday. Weather has been very nice up here after a very hot start.We have bought a 11.20 Smelne which has a great back area for drinks and relaxing. Probably end up in France again after exploying here first.

    Best wishes to you both

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