First the ice, then the snow and now the thaw

The ice has had a grip on our boat for 2 weeks now and grew to 5inches in depth, and then the snow came and covered everything in 4-5 inches of snow including the ice on the canal.

Taking Gladys out was a bit special, she loves the snow

and how the scene has changed in a few days. This morning, Thursday 16, the snow has all gone and the ice is rapidly melting.  Our morning walk this morning was without gloves and hat,  spring is very close now but we cannot leave Montceau at the moment.  I wanted to leave on 9 March to get to Gannay and put some new batteries in but the VNF say no, and that I might be able to leave on the 15 March.  No good for me as Mark, my mate and engineer is away on a jolly for 2 weeks then, so time for a rethink.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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