Fat bloke in France, getting slim??

Well the time has come for some drastic physical action.

I took a long look in the mirror this morning and realised that I was grossly overweight.  It wasn’t just this morning I have known for a long time, many years in fact that I was seriously overweight.  The problem is that up until now I have had relatively few health problems.  However, the body is starting to rebel, big time and if I don’t do something positive and relatively drastic, I will not make old bones, and I love my current life on board the boat with my current wife, and want it to continue for many years to come.
So the thing I have decided to do is to include my Blog followers in my quest to get to a healthier weight, and the first step is to put my current image out there, knowing that it is not a pretty sight, and to make a statement of intent, which I will update once a month.  The statement is in three parts:

(A)I will not get any heavier than I am now…ever. Current weight  22 stone 6lb, or 314 lbs or 141.3 kilos

(B)That by spring , that is the end of March 2011, when we leave Montceau I will lose 3 stone, or 42lbs or 31 Kgs
(C)That by the summer solstice, 21 June 20011, I will lose a further 3 stone.
I will not discuss my weight generally on the Blog as that would be boring,  all I will do is give a monthly update with pictures at the start of each month.   I will also not go on any crash diets or eat stuff I don’t like,  that way lies madness.  I will eat less and exercise more.  I will avoid beer and spirits but will continue to drink wine.  I will avoid sweet things and excessive carbohydrates but good food smaller portions and more exercise will hopefully do the trick.  Watch this space!!

The disappearing man


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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