Down the Marne and up the Seine – September 11th


In the last 2 weeks we have traversed two of the main waterways of France, the Marne and the Seine, on which we had to flog the boat up against the flow, oh for a bigger engine.  However, despite the flog up the Seine  it is very picturesque with some impressive houses strewn along its banks.



One gets the impression that  the rich bankers from Paris are outdoing each other along the banks of the Seine


This was a bridge across the Seine carrying rush hour computers to Paris , no such rush hour on the Seine itself, that’s a good reason to be on a boat


A stark reminder that not all is peaceful and harmonious on the Siene with the Police boat recovering  a car and treating the event like a crime scene form CSI.


We also recovered something from the Seine but our new mascot was not involved in any  crime, we don’t think?


We finally got off the Seine and onto the Canal du Loing, where Gladys enjoyed the opportunity to relax in the grass.

We eventually reached the start of the Canal du Loing and the peaceful journey from Moret to Nemours, where we have now spent the last three days resting up and stocking up.  Fortunately the weather has really improved and we are enjoying a late Indian summer spell.


We have been travelling with Mary Rose (Andy and Wendy) and Len and Marion on Pierre Renaud, not with them all the time as we all travel at different speeds and leave at various times of the day .  This is Mary Rose outsider the infamous bar called Chez FIFI.

We have now arrived in Chatillon Coligny on the Canal de Briare and  we will gradually make our way  home,  down the Briare and the Lateral, with many interesting spots on the way


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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