Do not make plans!!

Yes the ‘plan’ was to set sail this morning going north up the Nivernais canal towards Paris and the Somme. We did set off and made it to the first lock where we were informed by a confused lock keeper that we could go no further as the river was in flood and the flood barriers had been erected to protect the canal.


The local  swans this morning were not concerned about the flooding.

We could not go the other way as the Loire river was also closed due to flooding. So we spun around and arrived back at our mooring which we had left just an hour before and will sit here now until we can get across the Loire river, probably by the end of the week if we do not get any more rain!!

I am really beginning to think that planning is for fools, especially if you have a boat . Ah well we did have a splendid day at a local wine fair yesterday . I used to go to big wine fairs in London some years ago and they were elaborate occasions with loads of pomp and ceremony and very well organised. I did not have great hopes for this local wine fair but was very pleasantly surprised by the level of organisation and presentation and the variety of wines available to taste, and great food available, a good day.


Chatting and drinking with a small local producer, who had presented a very  acceptable  wine.


sometimes water  was required to cleanse the palate, then back to the wine


Lucky that it was also a  food  fair so it well catered for the hungry


polished off a plate of  seafood before returning to  the wine


A very good day.  Now we wait for the floods to subside.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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