Decize to La Charite- April 2015

Fed up with hanging around for different people to make their mind up if or not we can go in the dry dock before we left, so cast off the lines and left anyway. We need to come back to Decize for doctors and dentists appointments in June so a spring cruise in glorious weather seemed like the right idea. We will book the dry dock for June.
Sunrise at Gannay
We set off down the Lateral towards Briare. We made an initial detour to Mark and Celia’s at Gannay as we were due to dog sit for a few days while they returned to the UK but those arrangements got screwed up, so we just spent a few days with M&C barbecuing and drinking plenty. Very nice but an early thrash for the liver.
Occupied stork nest on the way back to Decize
The weather remained good for the stay at Gannay and the start of the cruise down the Lateral. After a couple of overnight stops at familiar places we stopped at La Charite, a rich historic town in the geographic centre of France.
The deep lock at Le Guetin, near Nevers
It is also on one of the main routes of , our old friend, the Camino. The St James pilgrimage route to Santiago Campostela. La Charite is named after the charitable works performed by the hospitals towards the pilgrims on their way through.

We met up with Guy and Ruth Toye who live on the port in a wonderful old house and with other boaters got invited to supper up at the Toye’s house. A splendid evening was had by all and luckily didn’t have to drive back to the boat

We will spend at least the weekend here as there is a book festival on Sunday in the main town square.
This is just for Harry and Marion to remind them of what they are missing!!

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Fernando Serra

    Hi it is a long while since we last had the chance of getting together! Roz and John kindly got me your address as I had managed to get “disconnected” from several friends so I hope this finds you really well! I have loads of news to share so I hope to catch up with you soon as I am driving to Spain probably at the end of next month and then on to USA so hopefully I will manage to catch up with you before I do so I will make sure I follow your news to see where the waterways take you. Take care and hopefully see you soon!

    Fernando x

  • Harry & Marion

    Ah the memories come flooding back. We have spent the last few days on Lough Ree on The Shannon. Great weather (Lough Ree is large, very large, and is not a good place to be if the weather looks iffy, but it’s absolutly beautiful in this sunshine.) We miss the French waterways occasionally but then we stumble on a good pub in some out of the way port, meet a few strangers and then that uniquely Irish thing we describe as ‘the craic’ gets going, and sure you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!
    Keep the posts coming and live every day of it. Regards to you both from the emerald Isle.

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