Decision made we set sail next Monday

As readers of this Blog are aware we have been waiting and hoping for our poor sick camper-van to be returned to full health but to no avail at the moment.

My lovely mechanic has tried his little heart out to get the van up and running so we can have some winter sun in Portugal before we go off on this seasons boat cruise.  Although, he is still hopeful that it will be fixed soon, we have decided that it is too late now for a sunshine trip to Portugal so  ‘Let go forward and aft’  and heading up to the Somme and beyond.

The first part of this summers trip will be up the Nivernais canal as we are in for a wet period this coming week and the Loire river is likely to be in flood when we leave next Monday so the Nivernais canal is likely to give us the easiest route north.  After we get to  the  top of the Nivernais  decide the next stretch….getting twitchy now and really forward to getting going.


Gladys and her two mates locked away in a  cage, not really, just put behind a fence while we did some concreting,  do they look really pissed off or what!!

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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