Day 97 – Louhans to Dijon- Thursday 21 July

You may recall that I said earlier that the French canal authority (VNF) were threatening to close some canals because of  low water levels due to the lack of rain…well maybe not now as it has been raining almost constantly for at least a week now, and is forecast to continue for the rest of July.  August looks good!!In the last week we have left the beautiful Seille river, travelled on the mighty Saone stopping at the ancient town of Tournus  on the way and then turning onto the Canal Bourgogne to begin our reverse trip around the Bourgogne and the Nivanais and also meet up with Simon and Lou and young Stanley at the end of July.The following pictures hopefully give a taste of the last seven days.  The first is me writing the last Blog with Gladys helping by holding up the table!

The end of the Seille river at the moorings at  Cuisery

The Capitan delivering the morning bread to the boats on his motor bike , please note Catherine, we do not get this service yet at Montceau-Les-Mines

You get some odd boats every now and then

and when we entered the Saone river some mighty ones

The stop at Tournus was really delightful and the weather for the day was kind

Ian, our Aussie pal on ‘Wobbe’ wondering why he is lost

Catch those rays, the clouds are looming

Some of the buildings in this ancient town date back to the last millennium and are still magnificant

Just strolling around we came across a French wedding, the photo call was just as shambolic as it would be in the UK

Great transport but I feel it was too late for the man to get away

Great cloud formations on the river soane

and the famous ‘biscuit’ house near Gergy

shortly after entering the Bourgogne canal the scene changes again to fields and fields of sunflowers

And the mooring at Dijon where we are today

Don’t know when and where we will get WI-Fi next but when we do I will update.
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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Roz and John

    Hi Mr & Mrs T it was lovely to see your next blog and pictures too, I see you are meeting with Simon,Lou and little Stanley, please give them our love..Fer said he had spent some time with you and the car managed to get him back to England ok, I think he was very brave to have chanced the trip in the first place.
    I must say you are so lucky to be travelling through France and able to stop at each village of choice and investigate, shame the weather is so awful, it is much the same everywhere but we are hoping for some better weather next week.
    We too have started a blog if you would like to see it please go to france-ourlifeinfrance.blogspo​

    Can’t wait for the next installment – Roz & John x

  • Bob and Jacquie

    Hi Terry’s I Guess you’ll be catching up with us soon the rate you are traveling and us going at snails pace. We are at Tanlay waiting for our inverter to return form Holland. See you soon I expect, we’ll have red waiting for you and a biscuit for Gladys. XXXX Bob and Jacquie “Tara”

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