Day 84 –Montceau – Canal du Centre – Friday 8 July

Another busy week, but we have now completed nearly all our tasks that had to be done, the last one being Gladys trip to the vets for her operation.  We did a 200 kilometre round trip yesterday to drop her off at 0800 and then spending the day around Nevers before picking her up in a very drowsy state at 1700 and she has slept for the most part ever since.

We chilled out at Gannay before making our way to Montceau and found some bamboo to make an effective shelter against the fierce sun in recent weeks.

Some fan of IKEA I think

How French is this, check out the street name as well

The lovely village of  Apremont

We had a good day out after dropping off Gladys at the vets we wandered around Nevers first then went to the village of Apremont one of the prettiest villages in France and treated ourselves to a splendid lunch at the local brasserie.

A very happy chappie

A view of the Loire nearbyPosted by Picasa

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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