Day 78 –Gannay –Loire lateral canal – Saturday 2 July

It has been 10 days since the last Blog, and so much has happened in that short time.
First we got unstuck at Digoin when the lock was repaired on time and made our way via Beaulon, lovely spot to stop, and Gannay to see Mark and Celia and onto Decize to prepare for the dry dock experience.  I was a little worried at the prospect of the dry dock, never having had the experience before.

But my fears were put tyo one side as we slipped effortlessly  into the dock marshalled in by very professional workers from the VNF, (French equivalent to British waterways), the water took a few hours to completely drain out of the dock and begin to dry out , however, the 40o of heat we  experienced on Monday helped in one way as the dock dried out rather quickly, but the downside was that it was too hot to start any serious work.


Terry rescuing a few trapped fish

Mark was due to arrive in the afternoon to do the work on the Y valve for the toilet which would involve cutting a hole in the side of the boat, but due to the incredible temperatures we rescheduled for early on the Tuesday morning and when I say early Mark arrived at 06.30 to do the work but even then the temperature had climbed to 28o before he left a couple of hours later but at least that left the rest of the day to start to anti-fouling painting

Cleaning down with a powerful jet wash

and then three coats of anti-fouling

looking good

refilling the dry dock..not so dry now

very professional VNF staff checking all is well

and then back afloat on the LoirePosted by Picasa

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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