Day 68 –Digoin –Loire lateral canal – Wednesday 22 June

Best laid plans and all that, we are currently held in Digoin where the lock wall has collapsed and workmen are deep in the lock repairing the walls frantically.  They say we will be able to use the lock by Thursday morning, they did not say which Thursday!
This enforced stay has given us an opportunity to explore Digoin properly, and Digoin is an attractive town with some splendid buildings and the extra interest in the form of a stork nest on top of the church, also there is a very friendly library with full internet facilities which I am using this morning to upload this Blog update.
Fortunately, the manager in charge of the dry dock was very understanding and we have changed the reservation to Monday 27 June, Mark from Entente Marine at Gannay was also able to change to accommodate our work we booked him to do whilst the boat was in the dry dock, so no great problem just a little adjustment, but I have promised Teresa that no more fixed plans just ideas and possible cruising itineraries.

Our first view of the mighty Loire river

The extensive damage to the lock wall, must have been a few Aussies hitting it, cannot steer nor play cricket!

The rough and ready repairs, do we really want to be the first boat through tomorrow!!

An attractive mooring

An opportunity for a stroll around town with the Gladys

The church with a stork nest… nice view from up here Petunia

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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