Day 58 –Fragnes- Canal du Centre- Sunday 12th June

I feel good today so I thought I would share those feelings on this glorious Sunday morning.
Woke up early, not unusual Gladys is not a dog for letting anyone sleep in, wet nose in the ear normally does the trick.  I opened the eyes and looked out on a very still and sun drenched scene.  Set off on a walk with Gladys along the canal towpath.  Even at 7.30am it was quite warm, nobody else around and Gladys bounding along, carefree and joyful.  Suddenly I was aware of something in the sky and looked up to see 20 hot air balloons had filled the sky to my right, they looked magnificent and somehow from a bygone era.
Returned to the boat after about an hour’s walk, with a worn out Gladys, and set off to buy some bread and other goodies, from a bakery only a few metres from the boat, for a breakfast on the back of the boat.

Now finished breakfast and will shower and change before visiting the local farmers market to get some stuff for lunch and supper.  Life is good right now, god bless the Canal du Centre.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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