Day 51 –Fun Day at Pouilly-en-Auxois-Sunday Friday 5th June

Fete du Canal arrived and a good day was had by all, but mostly by  the visiting boat owners as can be seen from the following Photos.
There was a Hog Roast and the chef was well into the cooking process at 7am when I took Gladys for her early morning romp.

It was around 1pm that I finally got my teeth into some delicious pork

The afternoons festivities got off to a relaxed start with some southern hemisphere folk, Bob and Jackie off Tara  and Karen and Bruce off Atlantis

The chef felt some sympathy for Gladys and handed her a small bone from the hog roast, Christmas comes early for Gladys

The party started to get out of control when some unruly Brits arrived from other boats, and the French started to leave the scene!

Really girls a bit of decorum required, Terry, Jackie and Lizzie spent the night in the local cells

and the wine made me go temporarily deaf, …..not fair taken advantage of the elderly when they are a little worse for wear

So with a bit of a sore head it is time to say goodbye to friends and Pouilly-en Auxois and head south.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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