Day 50- Saturday 19 May- Sillery

Yes, today marks the 50th day since we left our winter mooring in Montceau, and remarkable to think we have had so much time travelling and yet still to venture onto new waterways.  We have where possible attempted to stop at new places and this has led to many serendipity moments such as Damery.

 The waterway to Sillery was very attractive with plenty of champagne vineyards reaching down towards the canal

and in other places open countryside
We tend now to set off early in the morning and stop by lunchtime.  This gives us a chance of an early clear run and ensures space at moorings when we arrive at our destination around midday.  The one problem when you set off very early is that you are more likely to encounter commercial boats who also start early in the morning, but they are very friendly and seem pleased to see us.
We have stopped at Sillery before but it is a delightful place and a close supermarket where we can stock up before heading into unknown territory next week. We will stay here for the weekend before heading for the canal de la Somme via the Canal de l’Oisea l’Aisne, this  is all new territory and we are looking forward to new towns, villages and countryside to explore.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Kath bailey

    Hi terri. Think that’s the correct plural. I am sure you will enjoy the Somme. It is without doubt our favourite . The people are the friendliest we hav met. Hope you remember us from Mons. Kath and Terry aboard Laura . Follow your blog. Would like to email if that’s ok.

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