Day 49 -Pouilly-en-Auxois-Friday 3rd June

Well here we are ‘top of the world Ma’, yes after 113 locks from Migennes and 55 of those in the last 3 days we made the top of the Canal de Bourgogne, and what a beautiful spot, and the timing could not have been better. 
We have arrived on a Friday so a whole weekend of sport to look forward to, including Andy Murray, the Derby on Saturday, and the 2nd test against Sri Lanka, plus here on Sunday there is a massive Fete du Canal with a good turnout expected, plenty of boats and stalls and a hog roast in the port, should be fun.  We aim to leave on Monday to start our descent to Dijon and then onto the end of the Canal Bourgogne before turning right onto the Saone and then right again onto the Canal du Centre and visit to Montceau-Les Mines and ’Les Nanas’.
The following photos give a flavour of the last 3 days

First the port at Pouilly, where we are now.  As you can see it is nice and open with plenty of space for passing boats

This goose was at Venarey, ‘Got any bread mate’

Sunrise at Venarey, Gladys is a great dog but she like to wake up at dawn and greet everybody on-board with licks.  After the initial thought of ‘not yet Gladys’ you are so glad to see the early morning sights and sounds.

‘Want help with the lock mate?’

The forest have all but disappeared and the scenery is more open and grand

‘How high is the tunnel roof?’ ‘No surely not’

A great bar at Marigny PK 126, spent all evening in the bar and didn’t spend a euro.  A local chap had a good day hunting for truffles with his three specially trained dogs, and he treated all in the bar to drinks all night long.  My French at the end of the session was magnificent.

Came across a fishing competition this morning, I don’t think they thought much of Renaissance driving through their well prepared fishing grounds

Also stopped to help another young deer get out of the canal, I think they see us coming and leap in for a laugh

Do like a bit of scumping for cherries in the morning

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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