Day 44- Sunday 13 May- Damery

The flow on the river continues to be quite strong and progress is slow upstream, we are lucky to average 5k per hour, but the weather is getting better and shorts are now the preferred fashion choice.
We left Chateau Thierry very early this morning after promenading Gladys and getting bread from the early opening bakers. We battled the river up to a small pontoon at Mezy-Moulins where there is a rather unique church built on three floors,

 another walk for Gladys to take a closer look at this splendid gothic building.

From there we stopped at Dormans, we saw the stop last year on the way downstream and it looked OK, and the town lived up to expectations  with the WW1 memorial the highlight  and incredible building which took 10 years to build 1921-1931 finished just 8 years before it all kicked off again

but the halt was disappointing as the electric barely produced 4amp and they had the cheek to charge for both electric and water., we felt unwanted.

Then we moved to Damery and what a change, the mooring is superb with great facilities, all free and the locals we meet are very friendly and welcoming.  The town itself is dominated by numerous Champagne houses, all with lavish buildings which are immaculately kept; there is plenty of Wonga here.

To add to the pleasure of the stay the weather suddenly turned to fabulous and prompted a washing of the boat and a bit of painting over the scape marks.  Teresa has been busy gardening potting on the many plants bought at the local market.

We will move on tomorrow to Sillery where we will stop for a few days.  We have recently tried to stop at places we have not stopped before and soon we will be on uncharted waters which we are both looking forward enormously, but Sillery is such a lovely spot with superb facilities and outlook we will make an exception this week.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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