Day 42 Friday 11 May- Meaux to Chateau Thierry

We stayed at Meaux for 4 days before heading up river, against a fierce flow.  Well I had to get some payback for the fun of skiing down the Seine.
Whist in Meaux we visited our favourite Chinese restaurant, the Planet Dragon. It is great food and the unusual thing is that you select your raw food as a main course
and they cook it in front of you in a big wok.
  Lots and lots of different food and you can have as much as you like, and finally we enjoyed some warm Sake to finish of the meal…a splendid treat.
As I said earlier the recent heavy rain has caused the flow of the river Marne to increase and we have battling uphill for a week now and averaging barely 5k per hour.  But there are some beautiful stops on the way..
  There is 50k left of the Marne before we leave it at Epernay and join the canal system again and head up to Reims, the heart of Champagne country.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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