Day 36 Saturday 5 May- Nemours to Meaux

We stayed in Nemours for a week with Tom and Lou off Herkelina and had a good chill out week.  They set off on Tuesday by car for a family visit and we left the day after for the long trek to Meaux.
Before we left Nemours I took Gladys to the beauty saloon,…. just for a look you understand!
The weather remains unsettled with some huge downpours but mostly just grim grey weather and occasional sunny spells, but do we care not a jot.
This was a rare good weather day in Nemours.
The constant rain over the last few weeks has made the rivers flow faster so when we joined the Seine going downhill we averaged 12k just on tick over, instead of our usual 6k so we managed to cover 70k in one day without really trying.  Good fun playing with the big boys on the mighty Seine.
We very quickly got to the end of the Seine before turning right  at the famous Chinese restaurant to begin progress up the Marne to Meaux.
Our aim was to get up to Meaux for the big market today, Saturday, and we managed it by getting to the last lock at 5.45pm, when they close at 6pm.  The market was fine today, huge and varied;
we will visit our favourite Chinese wok restaurant, tomorrow lunchtime and then chill out and do some jobs on the boat next week.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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