Day 24-28- Chatillon-Nemours

We have arrived in Nemours and again we have stopped here before and our friends Lou and Tom on Herkelina are moored here so we are going to stay for a few days.  Last night we had a great together and our first barbecue of the season with lamb ribs and trout on the go, a fairly boozy night and sore heads this morning.
The weather is still rough with plenty of rain.  It is getting warmer and when the sun comes out as it did on this green side mooring it is glorious
and the forecast is getting better but as we are going very slowly in a northerly direction we are happy to stop for days at a time in a decent place and Nemours is a decent place with friends around so we will stay for the weekend.
We had a planning meeting this morning and the latest route takes us up towards  Paris but turning right before we get there and heading for Meaux and Reims before heading to Amiens.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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