Day 23 – Sunday May 8th 2011 – Chatillon-en-Bazois PK52- Canal du Nivernais

Big reflection day today and changes to the Blog are in play.
Whilst walking Gladys in the early hours this morning and enjoying the scenes on the towpath; fisherman trying to catch their lunch; joggers going past sweating and puffing and me with a big smile on my face thinking there is nowhere else I would rather be right now.  The joy was further enhanced when Gladys met up with another dog off the lead and started to play, when the other dog got a bit fed up with Gladys jumping all around him and barked at her.  Gladys shot back in surprise lost her footing on the bank and fell straight into the water, she emerged from the depths with a look of wide eyed surprise. I quickly pulled her out and reassured the embarrassed other dog owner that all was well and then began to laugh out loud, Gladys was not amused.
We returned to the boat where I gave her a quick wash, dry and bush up and she is now asleep at my feet, but that lead to other thoughts, first the Blog, it is good in a number of senses, factually accurate and informative but a bit boring and not reflecting the true joy of this journey, so I decided to give it a quick make over. The title you will have noticed has changed to one which hopefully reflects a bit of joy and cheekiness and I will try to inject a bit more of the bits that make me smile or laugh during the day as well as keeping the information content on going.  ‘Happiness is a wet bottom’ is the intended title of the book I will write about our adventures on the European waterways so it is fitting if it’s the working title of the revamped Blog.
We are off tomorrow; first stop will be Baye which sits at the summit of the Nivernais canal.  I will update the Blog when I can, Wi-Fi hotspots permitting.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Anonymous

    You can call it what you like Terry
    but we find it ammusing and entertaining so please don’t stop!
    I’m sure we will meet op again. We are down on the Midi. Regards Kath and Terry. Sagar barge LAURA
    We met in Mons.

  • Driftwood

    Great stuff T. As I get ready for work I’m mindful of the old adage that even a bad day on the boat is still much better than a good one at work! Wish we were back in France 😉

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