Day 22 – Saturday May 7 2011 – Chatillon-en-Bazois PK52- Canal du Nivernais

This is a lovely place, all facilities including free Wi-Fi (Catherine at Montceau please note, he he).
We will stay here for the weekend and then move up to the summit of the Nivernais at Baye on Monday.

The journey here was very colourful in very good weather conditions. it is a twisting stretch of canal but all the locks were set for us so easy cruising was the order of the day

This bar/restaurant was alongside one of the locks very welcome!

The weather remains hot and sunny but there is a change in the air and hopefully we will get some rain this week.  I never thought I would say that but the ground is rock hard and they must be struggling to keep the water levels correct in the canal system.
The weight loss continues to go well and I am now into my 4th stone loss with around 5lb to go to get to that goal.  The 4th stone has taken longer than the other 3 but I have relaxed the regime a bit and taking it steadier.  The addition of Gladys in our lives is also helping as she wakes me before 7 for breakfast followed by a long walk, then a short stroll around lunch time followed by another long walk in the evening, I am getting fitter, Gladys is getting her exercise and the weight continues to fall, a win, win, win situation.
There are more people on the canal now, mainly in hire boats, the Nivernais is one of the more popular canals, but we are currently moored up next to two other owner’s boats, Brits, Terry and Sally on ‘VERWISSELING’, and our 2 Australian friends Tony and Ruth on ‘SABLE’.  We will all be moving up the Nivernais over the next few weeks so no doubt we will meet up again.Finally, Gladys had a visitor today in the form of Bella, with her owners Ian and Carol from a nearby village, a lovely dog and very friendly.

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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