Day 21/23- Chatillon-Coligny

We have stopped here before but never long enough to explore the place.  Now we are waiting for some important post coming from Montceau so have a few days to have a good look around. Today was market day and an impressive market it was with many stalls in the surrounding streets around the centre ville.
The Circus is in town in fact directly opposite the Halte Fluvial, and this morning there was an incredible site out of the starboard window of camel, horse, lama, donkey and several small ponies grazing on the opposite bank, but even more incredulous was a minute foal half the size of Gladys.  It appeared that a foal had been born overnight and was wandering around on shaky legs.
We do seem to come across an amazing assortment of wildlife on out travels.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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